A Song for Nameless Heroes (Music Video)/無名的守護(紀實音樂片)

A Song for Nameless Heroes… Friends in China made this great video as a tribute to the nameless heroes in Wuhan who fight corona virus. I helped to translate the song into English. We hope all go well soon in the whole world.
无名的守护, 让我们岁月静好,让明天美好。


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More Poetry Alive Program| Poets in Schools |Special funding available now!


teach1Poetry Alive is a fun, educational program.  Click here to check.

Thanks to the Ontario Arts Council and the League of Canadian Poets for funding Anna’s Poetry alive through Poets in Schools.

 Now it’s special funding time: For visits in March and April, the League is able to fund 100% of the poet’s honorarium.


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Hope is a Thing -Anna’s Poetry reading video (星子安娜原创华语诗歌朗诵短片)

hopetitle2Due to the special reason, 2020 Chinese Poetry Reciting festival event on Jan 30, 2020 was postponed, so I made the movie with my poem and reading. I hope to encourage people in bad times and help them to seek for hope. (pure music one)

因为武汉疫情,2020加拿大原创华语诗歌春晚朗诵会被推迟。虽然无法现场朗诵诗歌,我制作这个诗歌朗诵音像短片,期望诗歌带来美好,带来希望。(作家生活志 存檔

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