Kateri Lanthier reviewing my book “Love’s Lighthouse”

Live Encounters Books October 2020, Thank Mark Ulyseas for promoting and publishing reviews on poetry books! Thank Kateri Lanthier.

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Sept 22 /The Art Bar Poetry Series: Frances Boyle and Anna Yin

Please join us on Sept 22 on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/artbarpoetry
The Art Bar Poetry Series for Feature Frances Boyle and Anna Yin,  host: Mike Lipsius
Time 20:00-21:30 Reading online (facebook)







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Glad to win the first place for Brooklin Poetry Society 3rd annual contest

Thanks Brooklin Poetry Society and judge, KV Skene! Congrats to all winners:Anna Yin, Bänoo Zan and Marsha Barber, and our honourable mentions, Andrea Rachel, Mansour Noorbakhsh and Lynn Tait!!


  • Also Three of my Chinese poems were published in Epoch Poetry Quarterly (Taiwan) #204 (礼物,穿越,流言)


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