2019 Poetry Alive Program| Poets in Schools

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Anna Yin read her Chinese poem for Chinese Canadian Cultural Exchanging

Anna Yin performed with Mark Harry at Chinese Poetry event for her poem in Chinese in Toronto on Nov 18, 2018 ,thanks to Chinese and Canadian Cultural Exchange Organization and New Power Media TV.

Thanks Frank to record it as well.

Check: (多伦多2018华人原创诗歌朗诵演唱会) reports

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New poems and translations published in USA and China

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I was glad that Windsor Review will publish my six poems: “The Life Tree”, ‘The Houseleek”, “Landscape Notes”, “The Burning Ladder”, “How Much I Want You”, and “Mr. Collins Taking off Miss Dickinson’s Clothes” for # 51.2 (Winter 2019). Richard Grove will publish my Canadian Day poem: The Red Maple at “Devour: Art and Lit Canada”. Thank James Dealh for publishing my poem: My Body Is the Flute in Tamaracks in USA.

Further more, Albert Moritz asked me to translate his poems and now my translations with five of hi poems were published on Poetry East West | Chinese-English Bilingual Magazine (China) and Poetry Sky (USA)

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My poem for classmates reunion


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more poems published in TaiWan

epoch196twoPoemsthanks for including two of my new poems (Chinese) for this wonderful poetry magazine The Epoch Poetry Quarterly #196 (more than 60 years ago founded by 洛夫、張默和瘂弦 in Taiwan) (創世紀詩社由台灣現代詩詩人洛夫、張默和瘂弦於1954年發起,詩社成立之後開始出版《創世紀詩刊》

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My poem for 2018 Canada Panda Games

tabletennisHow nice to spend a weekend to play table tennis games and make new friends. So glad to join as PCC team for 2018 Canada Panda Games and even better to find that my poem in both Chinese and English were printed on the back of 2018 Canada Panda Cup International Table Tennis Tournament.

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