Haiku Walking Tour/Postcard Poems in Mississauga


  1. Connect residents with the natural environment physically and reflectively.
  2. Learn how to write haiku/ Postcard Poems and promote local heritage.
  3. Appreciate the citizens’ surroundings and their pride in their city.
  4. Promote local poets and elevate the city’s literary profile.
  5. Create in the future a visual city poetry map

What is haiku?

A haiku is a brief poem that uses concrete images to reflect natural events and human experiences, using a two-part juxtaposition as well as simple and objective language to capture a moment of wonder or wholeness and presents the existence as it is.

Haiku is originally from Japan. It had only 17 syllables, but has changed over time. However, the philosophy of haiku has been preserved: the focus is on a brief moment in time (here and now); a use of provocative, colorful images; an ability to be read in one breath; and a sense of sudden enlightenment or illumination.

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What is a postcard poem?

It is a poem in the form and style of a postcard note, keeping the length brief, and giving the recipient a sense of the place you’re visiting or the space you’re occupying. The location from which you write can be imagined or real.

 A special poetry video for Mississauga

About this project:

Mississauga residents and visitors are welcome to participate in these free haiku walking tours/Postcard poems events. A regular meeting will be set up at an accessible public place (Celebration Square, art gallery, community center or libraries) on weekends to give participants a short haiku/postcard poetry writing instruction first, then participants will choose to take a walk and observe the surroundings or stay to write their postcard poems with sample works for half an hour, then meet again to share their efforts. These tours can be combined with birdwatching, gallery visiting and heritage tours etc.

Schedule: (will be adjusted as necessary)

Past events for this project  

Past Haiku Workshops in 2016 


Useful links:


My haiku brochure
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