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《愛的燈塔/Love’s Lighthouse》在台灣出版,广受欢迎和好评!

              東評西說:(感谢25位中外诗人的推荐,这里仅摘录几位诗人的评语) 与普通中英文简单互译的诗集不同,这本诗集的独特之处是针对同一内容的中英文的独立创作。作者是成熟的汉语诗人,同时在英语诗人中享有盛誉。可以说这本诗集只有作者,没有译者。中文诗和英文诗各存异趣,交相辉映,各自承载了两种文字的美感。这为中英比较文学提供了一个范例。       ——曉鳴(北美中西文化交流协会会长) 星子安娜長期在《創世紀》發表詩作,廣受喜愛和肯定。她不但中文詩寫得好,英文詩更屢獲大獎。除了中英詩創作,她亦精於翻譯,作為詩人她對文字的敏銳度和詩意涵的拿捏有超乎尋常表現,《愛的燈塔》既是心靈之旅,也是中西文化融合的體驗,值得推薦。 ――辛牧(台灣《創世紀詩雜誌》總編輯) Yin is endlessly perspicacious, endlessly compelling… She brings to Canadian poetry a sense of classicism and aestheticism and minimalism, all nicely mixed up with sensuality. —George … Continue reading

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Glad to receive a foreword by George Elliott Clarke

On Translating Poetry: To Be Precise In 1967, U.S. Country-&-Western singer George Jones issued a tune whose refrain swore, “If my heart had windows, / Use yours for love just for you.” The idea was, the male lover would be … Continue reading

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more poems published in TaiWan

thanks for including two of my new poems (Chinese) for this wonderful poetry magazine The Epoch Poetry Quarterly #196 (more than 60 years ago founded by 洛夫、張默和瘂弦 in Taiwan) (創世紀詩社由台灣現代詩詩人洛夫、張默和瘂弦於1954年發起,詩社成立之後開始出版《創世紀詩刊》

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