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Anna Yin’s poetry and books

Celebrate the Moon Festival with Your Own Haiku – 這個中秋淺吟俳句

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Poetry and Translation with Anna Yin, I am nobody, 星子有话说– 诗歌创作和翻译漫谈

湖畔沙龙:诗歌创作和翻译公众讲座 (7月17日, 2021) 主讲诗人:星子安娜  主持: 诗人古土。 分享加拿大双语诗歌创作/出版/翻译等经验以及有关轶事。 Hu Pan School invited Anna Yin to share her processes of writing poetry and translating poetry. Host: Poet Gu Tu (诗人古土)Speaker: Anna Yin (Language : Chinese)

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Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day… old and new poems for my father. My Father’s Family Tree won awards, Last Temple was the poem of Sept at The Parliamentary Poet Laureate site in 2017. Thanks the 7th Parliamentary Poet Laureate George Elliott Clarke.

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