Hope is a Thing -Anna’s Poetry reading video (星子安娜原创华语诗歌朗诵短片)

hopetitle2Due to the special reason, 2020 Chinese Poetry Reciting festival event on Jan 30, 2020 was postponed, so I made the movie with my poem and reading. I hope to encourage people in bad times and help them to seek for hope. (pure music one)

因为武汉疫情,2020加拿大原创华语诗歌春晚朗诵会被推迟。虽然无法现场朗诵诗歌,我制作这个诗歌朗诵音像短片,期望诗歌带来美好,带来希望。(作家生活志 存檔

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“In a Fragile Moment: A Landscape of Canadian Poetry”

poetrycanadianpoetry Canada2So glad that my poems are included in “In a Fragile Moment: A Landscape of Canadian Poetry” edited and reviewed by Professor M.Sc. Miguel Ángel Olivé Iglesias for Canadian Poetry Landscape studies at Cuba’s universities.  It is a significant study of 31 Canadian writers: Milton Acorn, Margaret Atwood, Al Purdy, John B. Lee, Keith Inman, Lala Heine-Koehn, Linda Rogers, Glen Sorestad…Thanks Professor Miguel and Hidden Brook Press. To order copies through hiddenbrookpress@gmail.com or Amazon

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More updated news about books and publications (新聞以及發表更新)


诗歌那些事儿-加拿大见闻 (祝贺安省桂冠诗人的设立)及其他  | 加中新闻

  • Poems published in Taiwan
  • Poems used by local art project


rock1 Taiwan1poems

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Pressing Matters: 50 Years in Publishing


Congratulations on Black Moss Press 50 years in publishing.  Thanks for inviting me to contribute contribute my memories and reflections on your work with Black Moss Press and Marty Gervais. I was very grateful for Black Moss and Marty Gervais publishing two of my poetry collections:

chinese zodaic book cover






Being Human

I first knew Marty Gervais from John B. Lee’s poem: “Being Human”. I was doing editing then and decided to translate the poem into Chinese and publish it. In the poem, Marty and John were middle-aged men but longing for the carefreeness and passion of youth while sleeping in a farm house watching the stars. At that time, I didn’t know who Marty was but one day fate would connect us. A few years later I got an invitation for the 2013 Windsor Bookfest from Marty. He said he really liked my poetry and asked me to read there and talk about my books as panelist. Due to Marty’s health, we didn’t meet personally. Later he sent an email to congratulate me on my reading, asking me to submit poems to Black Moss Press. What a joy and surprise!

I felt so lucky and was deeply grateful. However, after I read his book “Lucky Days’, I knew why he liked my poetry and it wasn’t just luck after all. I realized that he understood how hardship shaped both his poetry and mine. I was touched and wrote a poem with the same title acknowledging his inspiration.

We finally met at Black Moss Author Reading event in Toronto in Jan 2014. He was exactly as I had thought he would be a gentle man and a trustworthy publisher. I was not surprised that he was also efficient in other regards such as poet laureate, writer and photographer. The Poet Laureate readings at Willistead Manor in 2015 and 2016 were my highlight moments with Marty. He was a talented event organizer and a great host. I learnt a lot from him and I was able to host Poet Laureate night in Mississauga. Thanks to the great readings from George Elliott Clark, John B. Lee and Marty Gervais there, it became a legacy of our city.

I was lucky to meet Marty and lucky enough to have two of my poetry collections find a home at Black Moss press. I have been always grateful for his sharp intuition and generous help. In my poem that he inspired (Lucky Days), I end with

“with luck, a life I know –

the way of poetry”

2018/10/24   Anna Yin


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Glad to have new poems published in Arc Poetry and the Epoch Poetry Quarterly

Glad to have new poems published in Arc Poetry and the Epoch Poetry Quarterly. Thanks editors in Canada and in Taiwan.  Each of them has a national-wide reputation and long history, One in English, the other in Chinese.  Thanks for including my new poems.  Also I want to thank Miguel Ángel Olivé Iglesias from Cuba to publish my poems in Envoy 91! and review my poetry in In a Fragile Moment which includes 31 poets in Canada and will be used to as an introduction to Canadian Literature (and Canada) to students in University of Holguín, Cuba.

Poetryarc annaBook2

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More Poetry Alive Program| Poets in Schools


teach1Poetry Alive is a fun, educational program.  Click here to check.

Thanks to the Ontario Arts Council and the League of Canadian Poets for funding Anna’s Poetry alive through Poets in Schools.


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《愛的燈塔/Love’s Lighthouse》在台灣出版,广受欢迎和好评!










与普通中英文简单互译的诗集不同,这本诗集的独特之处是针对同一内容的中英文的独立创作。作者是成熟的汉语诗人,同时在英语诗人中享有盛誉。可以说这本诗集只有作者,没有译者。中文诗和英文诗各存异趣,交相辉映,各自承载了两种文字的美感。这为中英比较文学提供了一个范例。       ——曉鳴(北美中西文化交流协会会长)


Yin is endlessly perspicacious, endlessly compelling… She brings to Canadian poetry a sense of classicism and aestheticism and minimalism, all nicely mixed up with sensuality.
—George Elliott Clarke, 7th Parliamentary Poet Laureate of Canada

Anna Yin’s poems give us beauty in all its delicacy and its strength—a full glowing presence that sometimes, mysteriously, is just a fleeting hint, a dance of shadows….This is an original poet following her intuition ever deeper into the secrets of emotion and reality.
—A. F. Moritz, 6th Toronto Poet Laureate, 2009 Griffin Poetry Prize Winner


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Photos and Videos for Great Lakes Poets Laureate on Social Justice- at Aurora Public Library

Thanks to support from libraries (Milton, Mississauga, Whichurch-Stouffville and Aurora), we had four very successful poetry events in Oct for Great Lakes Poets Laureate on Social Justice. Here are some photos/videos at Aurora auroraPoetslaureateNight3Public Library.

group5Photos credit goes to Aurora Public Library

Thank them for making the event successful

Videos of the event as following:



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Anna Yin Read at 2019 Chinese Poetry Festival in Toronto

Anna Yin Read her poem in English at 2019 Chinese Poetry Festival 

Anna Yin Read at 2018 Chinese Poetry Festival 

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