Glad that Room Magazine published my translation and Lanlan’s poem

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I was invited by FairChild Radio Host Rebecca to talk about my poems, now you can Listen to our talk on AM1430 on March 24   (谢谢雨薇的邀请和制作,现分享 部分录音 和诗歌文字)(谢谢关注诗歌,欢迎提供建议)-星子安娜

(Rebecca is a TV program producer as well, here is one of her work for me: )

我想我的诗歌创作是一种潜意识的传统文化和现代诗意的多元结合,也是东西方文化的具体体验的交融。因为离开中国后到一个完全陌生的世界,让我能够体验重写自我的过程,也更体会到中国传统历史文化的可贵,渴求精神文化的认同和共鸣,渴望把东方的哲学思维和古典意境美与西方文化中个性的自由和提倡真实的自我,融合起来。2003年我尝试英文诗歌创作, 我的诗歌以东方古典意境和朴素自然的情怀得到西方诗歌界的好评。 我在学校里的诗歌讲座中,也会分享东西方文化的差异如何激发我的灵感。比如对鱼的意象不同理解,对月亮的面貌的不同运用。继续。。。

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Open Muse Connection Featuring: Anna Yin & Orchid Tierney

shelleyThanks  Eric Alan Weinstein and Michael A. Cohen for the invitation and I am looking forward to reading at Da Vinci Art Alliance in Philadelphia,  Monday, April 13 at 7:00pm -10:00pm.

Before that, I would like to attend the Penn Shelley Seminar covered by the free online course:  THE GREAT POEMS SERIES SHELLEY

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See you at the 2015 Austin International Poetry Festival

poetsAIPFThe Austin International Poetry Festival is happening April 9-12, 2015The festival includes over twenty unique Austin venues, 30 diverse themed poetry readings, ten plus open mics, ten plus workshops, five music and poetry events, a complete anthology reading, anthology competition, all-night open mic, poet symposium, and much, much more…  Check the schedule…

You are welcome to join me for Poetry Alive workshop workshop

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Poets In Schools programs and feedbacks



Thanks Francis Libermann school. This is the third year they want me to visit their school as Poets In Schools. Here was their feedback in the past:




I also visited Dolphin Senior Public School (Mississauga) on Feb 12 for Poets In Schools and here are the teacher, Mr. Vanellis’ comments:


Thank you so much for that dynamic and thought-provoking poetry presentation at Dolphin senior public school yesterday! Your passion and enthusiasm as well as your personal anecdotes really engaged the students and piqued their interest.  I think you may have made poetry lovers out of them for sure!  

Intermmediate Enhanced Learning Classroom (IELC) – Gr. 7/8
Student Success Teacher
Dolphin Senior PS
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attended The Living Library Project at University of Toronto (Mississauga Campus)

2013livebook22013LivingbookThe Living Library Project at University of Toronto Mississauga Campus was launched on Jan 21, 2015. I was invited to discuss Getting Published and share my poetry journey and stories with students.    |  Read last year’s interview  | report at Medium

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join us at BEST CANADIAN POETRY with BLACK MOSS PRESS, reading series

Featured Readers:

Anna Yin: reading from her unpublished work, Seven Nights with the Chinese Zodiac
Karen Mulhallen: reading from Fishing Poems, and as a special treat, from her new work Code Orange
Mary Ann Mulhern: reading from When Angels Weep
John Wing Jr: reading from “Why-Shaped Scars”

Jan 20, 2015:  at Wind Up Bird Cafe in Toronto (6:30-9:30pm)

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Thanks MAC and Mississauaga News

FullSizeRender (16)Thanks Mississauga Arts Council and Mississauga News for promoting artists. There is a new weekly column from the Mississauga Arts Council profiling artists in Mississauga. 

Here is “Poets shares the story behind the story” (March 12, 2015).

More interviews in the past and my two MARTYS awards (2010/2014)


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Glad to take Artist-Educator Foundations Course

Thartist2ank Ontario Arts Council for their supporting artists.

Thank Michael O’Connell, Leslie Ashton and Deanne Hupfield for enriching us with great experiences and wonderful skills.

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