Haiku Walking Tour/Postcard Poetry project

Please join us for Haiku Walking Tour/Postcard Poems in Mississauga to write haiku about Mississauga and leave a mark in our city for our future poetry map.

Our first Haiku Walking Tour will be on Sept 19, 2015.  Here is a short video clip to introduce the project. Here are 7 haiku in the video. (Also read Why Walking Helps Us Think)

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interviews from Mississauga News, the Toronto Star and more


the Star’s interview

Thank John Steward for interviewing me. Here is his interview on Mississauga News: Laureate’s mission is to bring poetry to the people

Thanks Tara Deschamps from the Star to interview me and report the interview on the Toronto Star:Mississauga’s first poet laureate pens poems to city.


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Glad to read my poem for Parapan Am Torch Relay (Mississauga). Thank ShiYing for great photos

mixThe Culture Division of Mississauga has received a request for me to do a reading at the Para-Pan Am Torch Relay event on Wednesday August 5th at Lakeside Park. So I wrote a new poem for the event: Light Through Fog and read it there.

Here is Mississauga Culture e_News for the summer.

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The Map of The Poets Laureate of Canada

anna-poetLaureateThe League of Canadian Poets made the Map of The Poets Laureate of Canada, Great!  Thanks.  Check all poets laureat on http://poets.ca/poet-laureate-map/

The League of Canadian Poets is the professional organization for established and emerging Canadian poets. Founded in 1966 to nurture the advancement of poetry in Canada, and the promotion of the interests of poets, it now comprises some 700 members. The League serves the poetry community and promotes a high level of professional achievement through events, networking, projects, publications, mentoring and awards. It administers programs and funds for governments and private donors and encourages an appreciative readership and audience for poetry through educational partnerships and presentations to diverse groups. As the recognized voice of Canadian poets, it represents their concerns to governments, publishers, and society at large, and maintains connections with similar organizations at home and abroad. The League strives to promote equal opportunities for poets from every literary tradition and cultural and demographic background.

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My new book “Seven Nights with the Chinese Zodiac” (Black Moss Press 2015)

FullSizeRenderGBook Blurblad that Black Moss Press published it… You can order it now on Amazon.

“Seven Nights with the Chinese Zodiac” was written in 2013 under the title “The Year of the Snake.” It was a poem about one searching for meaning and faith during tragedies.  Like the girl in Alice Munro’s “Runaway” who eventually was trapped in a goat’s skeleton, the poem didn’t find its way out. When the Horse Year arrived, a horse poem came with the inspiration from Plato’s Chariot Allegory and more animal poems gathered. She started to recognize that the zodiac in a human being’s body and mind is shaped by space and time and transformed by history and reality. It called for a poetic form. Soon “Seven Nights with the Chinese Zodiac” was born and unleashed its animated voice and symbolic meaning in its broader and bolder ways. This collection takes on its own pace and develops into four sections: “Night Shades” meditates on fate, tragedies and loss, “Dried Roses” reflects love and longings, “Life Jars” collects incidents and stories from daily life and “The Self-Completing Tree” reveals the journey of finding identity and searching for freedom and faith.

This book seeks ways of healing and exploring new dimensions on one’s life journey. With questions about fate and identity, concerns about life challenges and social issues, it blends images and mythology derived from both the Eastern and Western worlds. It calls out with bittersweet hope:    (Mississauga Poet Anna Yin)


Now take me
this pack of Paradise.   

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“Hello, Canada”, it was great to celebrate 2015 Canada Day at Mississauga Celebration Square

2015CanadaDay-AnnaYinHappy Birthday Canada – Celebrate Canada’s 148th on Mississauga Celebration Square, Here is the video clip of my reading a new haiku series: Hello, Canada (9 of haiku) at Celebration Square during the official ceremony.


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Thank you for joining us at Chinese and Canadian Poets Reading event

at Chinese and Canadian Poets reading event, photo by ShiYing

at Chinese and Canadian Poets reading event, photo by ShiYing, 2015/06/20

Our Chinese and Canadian Poets Reading event went very well on June 20 at Riverdalve Library. (There were more than 30 poets reading and two wonderful musicians performing)
We want to thank you all for joining us. We also want to thank media for their interviewing and reporting. (Here are reports from MingPao, CCNEWS, and more…)
Special thanks to Sunshine for her wonderful music & Shi Ying for his great photos.
Thanks CPAC, Toronto Public Library and the League of Canadian Poets for their sponsor.

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read at Tree Teading Series in Ottawa

Glad to read at Tree Reading Series  on May 26 in Ottawa. Thank you Deanna Young, Margaret M Zielinski and Colin Morton for hosting Tree Reading Series. Had a great time aimagend met other poets.


Last year I read at 2014 Chinese New Year Celebration on the Hill  and glad to visit Ottawa again


(Mississauga Poet)


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On FairChild TV’s Leisure Talk to talk about Mississauga First Poet Laureate and my new book

On FairCfaichildtv2hild TV‘s Leisure Talk about Mississauga Inaugural Poet Laureate and my new book “Seven Nights With the Chinese Zodiac“. It will be broadcast at 6:20pm on Aug 28, 2015.

Here is a small part of 2013 interview:

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join us at a live interview in Chinese for poetry

inphotos by Sarah and ShiYing


You are welcome to join us at a live interview in Chinese for poetry: Aug 22, 2015 (Saturday 2-4) 密市新天地文化中心。访谈星子安娜

“心灵应该像张开的羽翼,随时准备迎接欢欣的经历” 这其实体现了诗人星子安娜的一种活着的态度,一种对生命的珍惜。


时间:8月22日 (星期六)下午2:00–4:00; 地点: 新天地文化中心205室

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MAC -Limelight Think Tank event

MAC team (photo credit to MAC)

Thanks Mississauga Arts Council for inviting me to speak and read my poems. I was glad to meet young talented artists, mentors and wrote some haiku for this event. Photos/videos please check MAC facebook.

It is a great idea to bring artists together and mentor young artists and show case their works.  Click to read my speech and haiku that I shared with them at the event.  I hope you join the event next year!


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