wonderful poets together for 100,000 Poets for Change


photos by Kimberly Mallett

2014-sept6 2014-sep3

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Latest Photos for this short summer from ShiYing


Visiting Al Purdy’s statue at Queen’s Park


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Join us for Poetry Alive…some upcoming events

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Tonight you will see Super Moon, here I want to share this poem

lipoPoemI wrote it years ago. World Poetry founder Ariadne Sawyer told me that it saved a lady’s life.moon

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Poetry and Music at Meadowvale Theater

nightingaleheartVideos /Photos

More Poetry with Music   Listen to: A Chinese Nightingale

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Happy Canada Day!


annayin1sI want to celebrate today as my 15th year living and working in Canada. I want to thank my colleagues in IT field and my fellow poets for writing career.  Here I would like to share a poem requested by CBC Radio for Quiet Zone project last year. I wish we all have a wonderful journey in our life, no matter how busy we are, we can still cherish PEACE. Happy Canada Day!

imagesCASJXN6Freading my poem:

Life Jars

<— listen to the poem

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glad to win the Established Literary Arts Award at the 2014 MARTYs!

award1MAC celebrated the diversity in art with amazing global performers from Mississauga on May 8, 2014.  More details


Here is my speech clip at the Award Night.  And thanks ShiYing for wonderful photos.

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re-introduce Poetry to schools: Poetry Alive Program| Poets in Schools

Upcoming events

April 29, 2014 Poetry Alive at Francis Libermann school for Poets in Schools program (thanks for inviting me back and their feedback  in 2013. And they told me that my 2014’s was even better!  Thanks)

Hear the CBC Radio: In praise of poetry

High school students from across the country are reciting poetry. They’re doing it in French, in English and sometimes both. Find out why.

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Poetry and Music at Celebration Square Mississauga

photos by Sarah photos by ShiYingPhotos by ShiYing and Sarah (2014/08/27)

My Heart is the Wing 

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