Chinese and Canadian Poets reading event on June 20

photopoem1Toposterronto Poet Laureate George Elliott Clarke and  poet Anna Yin invite you to join us to celebrate the life of the great ancient Chinese poet Qu Yuan at Riverdale Branch, Toronto Public Library, on June 20 (1:00-5:00pm)

There will be more than 30 fine Canadian and Chinese poets sharing their poems. There will be Poetry/Photo games, fine classical music and food to enjoy as well.  (Mississauga Poet)

Admission: Free.  Check more details…    or view on facebook 


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will read in Ottawa in May and meet friends and members of the LCP there

treereadingAfter we celebrated our National Poetry Month, I will be reading at Tree Reading Series  on May 26 in Ottawa. I will also meet friends  and members of the League of Canadian Poets. Thank you Tree Reading Series for the invitation and sponsor.

Last year I read at 2014 Chinese New Year Celebration on the Hill  and glad to share my poetry with many new friends. Yes. Some of flowerthem will come to join me. Thanks. See you soon.


(Mississauga Poet)


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My new book “Seven Nights with the Chinese Zodiac” (Black Moss Press 2015)

danceGlad that Black Moss Press will publish my new book “Seven Nights with the Chinese Zodiac” this fall… here is the description of the book for their fall catalogue:

***cover page we need to wait***

“Seven Nights with the Chinese Zodiac” was written in 2013 under the title “The Year of the Snake.” It was a poem about one searching for meaning and faith during tragedies.  Like the girl in Alice Munro’s “Runaway” who eventually was trapped in a goat’s skeleton, the poem didn’t find its way out. When the Horse Year arrived, a horse poem came with the inspiration from Plato’s Chariot Allegory and more animal poems gathered. She started to recognize that the zodiac in a human being’s body and mind is shaped by space and time and transformed by history and reality. It called for a poetic form. Soon “Seven Nights with the Chinese Zodiac” was born and unleashed its animated voice and symbolic meaning in its broader and bolder ways. This collection takes on its own pace and develops into four sections: “Night Shades” meditates on fate, tragedies and loss, “Dried Roses” reflects love and longings, “Life Jars” collects incidents and stories from daily life and “The Self-Completing Tree” reveals the journey of finding identity and searching for freedom and faith.

This book seeks ways of healing and exploring new dimensions on one’s life journey. With questions about fate and identity, concerns about life challenges and social issues, it blends images and mythology derived from both the Eastern and Western worlds. It calls out with bittersweet hope:    (Mississauga Poet Anna Yin)


Now take me
this pack of Paradise.   

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Poetry as Hope – After Percy Shelley, a talk at Upenn

upen1When I was young, Romantic poetry was very popular in China; we read the Chinese translations of Percy Bysshe Shelley’s poems. I remember that everyone liked to quote his lines: “O, Wind, If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind? “ We admired him as a passionate poet with charming lyrics and a revolutionary vision.
The online course THE GREAT POEMS SERIES SHELLEY founded by Eric Alan Weinstein is great and amazing. I believe it takes a lot of courage and effort to set up courses like that. In this fast-paced and cynical world, to teach and to learn Romantic poetry, especially long poems, presents teachers and students with extreme challenges. Most of us lack the patience and motivation for this. When I was preparing this talk, my fellow Chinese poets wondered if there was still an interest in this subject. They believe that Romantic poetry is out of fashion. Continue reading

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glad to be a judge for Poem-A-Day Poetry Contest and attend the night to celebrate National Poetry Month

I was honored to be invited to be a judge and congratulations to all the winners!


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glad to read at Toronto Poetry Map Launch

IMG_2733Toronto Poetry Map Launch at Toronto Reference Library Atrium on April 15: the official launch of our online Toronto Poetry Map in collaboration with Toronto’s fourth Poet Laureate George Elliott Clarke.

Glad to read my poems about Union Station and Mill Street Brew from Inhaling the Silence (Mosaic Press 2013), Beyond the Soapstone from Wings Toward Sunlight (Mosaic Press 2011) are on the map, hopefully “Toronto, No More Weeping” will be on the map too.

让诗歌引领你游历多伦多 (谢谢Yafang 的报道)

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Glad to read at Open Muse Connection Featuring: Anna Yin & Orchid Tierney

reading1Thanks  Eric Alan Weinstein and Michael A. Cohen for the invitation and I was glad to read at Da Vinci Art Alliance in Philadelphia with other talented artists on April 13

I was also glad to attended the UPenn Shelley Seminar and gave a talk about Shelley for online course:  THE GREAT POEMS SERIES SHELLEY


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Glad to be at 2015 Austin International Poetry Festival

FullSizeRender (3)FullSizeRender


FullSizeRender (4)







Thank you for joining my Poetry Alive workshop. I was amazed by many creative works from our participants. 

My new poem:

Crystal Butterfly at 2015 Austin International Poetry Festival


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Celebrating National Poetry Month: food and poetry

Upcoming Events

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See you at the 2015 Austin International Poetry Festival (April 9-12)

poetsAIPFThanks 2015 Austin International Poetry Festival to invite me as an International feature Poet.  Join me for the
 Poetry Alive workshop.  and many readings there.


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I was invited by FairChild Radio Host Rebecca to talk about my poems, now you can Listen to our talk on AM1430 on March 24   (谢谢雨薇的邀请和制作,现分享 部分录音 和诗歌文字)(谢谢关注诗歌,欢迎提供建议)-星子安娜

(Rebecca is a TV program producer as well, here is one of her work for me: )

healthreportAnna我想我的诗歌创作是一种潜意识的传统文化和现代诗意的多元结合,也是东西方文化的具体体验的交融。因为离开中国后到一个完全陌生的世界,让我能够体验重写自我的过程,也更体会到中国传统历史文化的可贵,渴求精神文化的认同和共鸣,渴望把东方的哲学思维和古典意境美与西方文化中个性的自由和提倡真实的自我,融合起来。2003年我尝试英文诗歌创作, 我的诗歌以东方古典意境和朴素自然的情怀得到西方诗歌界的好评。 我在学校里的诗歌讲座中,也会分享东西方文化的差异如何激发我的灵感。继续。。。

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