Our Stories-co-creating cultural and artistic experiences

OurStoriesPosterThis project encourages participants to express and present their stories through poetic reflection and computer arts; creating a cultural awareness in the wider society.  It will have three parts. Each part is composed of several workshops with specific themes.  At workshops, short videos are used, personal items, cultural images, photos with haiku, shape poems, other writing exercises and computer arts are provided and created.  I will invite guest artists to join us for these artistic processes and share their experiences and expertise. Thank our partners: CPAC, HSK and CCNEWS. Thank OAC for the grant.


city-certificate-poetlaureateThe shape poem: The Red Maple was written to celebrate 2016 Canada Day  in Mississauga. I was glad that the city appointed me for the first Poet Laureate in 2015 and supported many of my poetry projects for the city. Now happily received this from our city and Mayor Bonnie Crombie.

Thanks CCNEWS  for coverage & video interview 

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